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Founder & CEO

Vandana Vijay’s seed of travel and exploration was planted in childhood. A senior army officer’s daughter, moving suitcases across the country, setting up her room in new homes, moving schools, cultivating friendships, and revelling in India’s disparateness every two years, germinated in the birthing of an experiential travel company, Offbeat Tracks. An independent businessperson, she has dabbled in various fields such as the corporate industry as an employee with Facebook, dipped her toes in the military sector by holding an All India First in UPSC CDS Merit to join the Indian Army, and has even graduated in MSc. in Microbiology!

Several years of discovery, especially undertaking Himalayan and mountain expeditions, and unravelling the beautiful diversity and extent of influence of the ancient civilization of this country, led to her breakthrough idea of Offbeat Tracks. Quitting her cushy company job, she followed her dream to form a travel company focussed not only on curating holidays, but also on contributing to the larger human community promoting local economy, culture, and heritage.
She complements her sojourns by reading, playing squash, and hiking. Her heart lies in the Ladakh region and the vastness of its rugged landscape.


Sudha Prasad

Sales Head

Sudha is a highly passionate individual with a vast array of experiences and an extensive network within the Indian tourism industry. Prior to joining Offbeat Tracks, she garnered valuable insights and knowledge about India and its subcontinent through her work with various travel firms. Her goal is to provide exceptional travel experiences through our trips, whilst incorporating sustainable practices that minimise environmental impact and uplift local communities.

As an enthusiastic traveller herself, Sudha holds a special fondness for the tranquil beaches in the Konkan region. In addition to her love for these serene coastal destinations, she harbours a deep-seated desire to visit renowned landmarks such as the Pyramids, Machu Picchu, and witness the captivating beauty of the Northern Lights. Sudha's personal experiences and aspirations greatly contribute to her commitment to curating remarkable journeys for our clientele.



Social Media and Community Manager

Prakriti possesses a profound passion for sustainable travel and community building through the influential channel of social media. Currently, Prakriti serves as the custodian of our social media presence, diligently working towards her noble objective of inspiring individuals to embrace environmentally conscious choices.

Prakriti firmly believes that even the smallest actions can create a significant impact. She fervently encourages people to adopt simple yet impactful choices, such as carrying their durable steel straw instead of resorting to disposable plastic ones.

She is a professionally trained dancer with a triple major degree in Psychology, English Literature, and Performing Arts from Christ University, Bengaluru. With her amalgamation of artistic talents and profound knowledge, she strives to inspire positive change and foster a global community dedicated to sustainable and responsible tourism.


Devansh Chaurasia

Operations Head

Devansh takes immense pleasure in presenting an exceptional travel experience, underpinned by his comprehensive understanding of the travel industry, meticulous planning skills, and steadfast commitment to supporting local vendors and promoting sustainable tourism. With a robust academic background in Travel and Tourism Management from Banaras Hindu University, coupled with a wealth of experience in various creative fields, Devansh brings a distinctive blend of skills to the forefront, methodically planning every aspect of a trip. His unwavering dedication lies in providing our guests with hassle-free and memorable journeys. Moreover, his repertoire extends beyond operations management expertise. His proficiency in writing, designing, and video editing empowers him to elevate the overall travel experience for our esteemed guests. By crafting compelling itineraries and creating visually captivating content, he harnesses his diverse skill set to curate unforgettable journeys that leave an indelible impression.

Being an avid traveller himself, Devansh wholeheartedly recognizes the significance of comprehensive planning and thorough attention to detail. His profound passion for exploring new destinations enables him to empathise with the needs and expectations of our guests. From securing the finest accommodations to handpicking immersive experiences, and ensuring seamless transportation arrangements, Devansh remains steadfastly committed to delivering optimal arrangements for every traveller.


Surbhi Mittal

Content Strategist

Surbhi comes with almost a decade of content experience across lifestyle, travel & cultural brands and startups.

She aims to revolutionize the travel industry with her ‘offbeat’ thinking on how it could be more responsible & sustainable.She understands travel as one of the highest forms of self-love and shares her thoughts on it with those she encounters along the way.


Naiyya Singh

Content Writer

Naiyya Singh has been an avid traveller for as long as she can remember. Her hunger for travel started young. Her father being in the armed forces had postings in several stations across the country. She followed her appetite for exploring new cultures and cuisines, when she joined Air India as cabin crew, for 11 years. Post her stint in the airline, she worked at The Print, a digital news organisation, and handled marketing and events. Her love for discovering new lands remains intact.

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