Terms and Conditions


All booked travellers are informed with an itinerary which is agreed upon by both parties upon confirmation. During the commencement of the tour if there are any requests to change the itinerary completely/partially will attract additional charges. After declaring a routing to our local partners we are in legal contract to follow the declared routing. If there are weather conditions, road blockage, religious events or medical emergency a change can be accepted and if/any charges are applicable the same will be informed to the part effected.

We always declare the name of the hotels and type of rooms booked for all travelers upon confirmation. Any change while on the tour in the hotels will attract cancellations/retentions charges as per the cancellation policy declared while booking. No change of hotels is accepted unless there are some major concerns like hygiene, safety or substandard. The discomfort needs to informed to office enabling us to talk to the hotels/homestay owners and present the case to get if/any refund is possible. At the same time, we have rights to change accommodation of any traveler after informing the party about the valid reason for the change.

Our operations team is very prompt and responsive. Only the team declared to you before the tour start date will handle all the issues while doing the tour. Multiple channels of communication will only add to confusion in providing you the services offered.

Additional to the Offbeat Operations team we have a local office they are the first response team for you to get the matter in hand resolved quickly and efficiently.
We respect family/friends travelling with us but it is a request to keep one family member as communication source in an ongoing tour. Multiple communications may hamper the tour arrangements.


All pre medical conditions needs to be declared to us. Any refund on basis of a medical emergency will not be entertained.
Specially for Mountain regions like Ladakh or Arunachal if anyone suffering from BP, Asthma, Diabetes, Lung Complications are asked not to travel to this region for individual own safety.

In case of any unfortunate medical emergency an evacuation arrangements will be only offered. All extra cost of hotels/hospitals/vehicle will be borne by the traveler.

All guides are booked and paid in advance hence any non-usage of the guide services do not permit us to give any refund. Guides block date specially for you in advance and cancelling them at last minutes is revenue loss for them.



Any International travelers who face any difficulty in making the payment in India to any booked hotels. They can always ask us to pay on their behalf, but the traveler at the same time is requested to make a SWIFT payment of the same amount to us. Any payment made by Offbeat Tracks on behalf of guests needs to refunded the same day via a bank transfer. All payments by Offbeat Tracks will be only paid after signing a letter of consent.
In order to avoid the above issue it is better to carry a valid card or sufficient cash for payments while travelling to remote regions where cards may not work.

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