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Offbeat Tracks-

Your Experiential Travel Company

At Offbeat Tracks, we celebrate your uniqueness by giving you a personalised holiday experience, specially catered to the tiniest of details and interests that you have. Be it a quick weekend getaway, the yearly family vacation or your much needed dose of adrenaline, we always have something specially crafted for you!

About Vandana 

Vandana Vijay’s seed of travel and exploration was planted in childhood. A senior army officer’s daughter, moving suitcases across the country, setting up her room in new homes, moving schools, cultivating friendships, and revelling in India’s disparateness every two years, germinated in the birthing of an experiential travel company, Offbeat Tracks. An independent businessperson, she has dabbled in various fields such as the corporate industry as an employee with Facebook, dipped her toes in the military sector by holding an All India First in UPSC CDS Merit to join the Indian Army, and has even graduated in MSc. in Microbiology!

Several years of discovery, especially undertaking Himalayan and mountain expeditions, and unravelling the beautiful diversity and extent of influence of the ancient civilization of this country, led to her breakthrough idea of Offbeat Tracks. Quitting her cushy company job, she followed her dream to form a travel company focussed not only on curating holidays, but also on contributing to the larger human community promoting the local economy, culture, and heritage.
She complements her sojourns by reading, playing squash, and hiking. Her heart lies in the Ladakh region and the vastness of its rugged landscape.

Why should you travel with us?

When you travel with Offbeat Tracks, you're travelling to make memories and give back to the communities that make your travel memorable. In your journey, your impact will be felt in these ways.

You're opting to travel with local guides and experts. This helps them generate employment and ensures that you receive the most authentic information about a region that is often appropriated.

You're choosing to stray off the beaten track to lesser-known areas which will help you paint a holistic picture of a region that is sometimes thought of as being limited to its major cities.

Women in the travel industry are often found in the unorganised sector but drop off in a more structured hierarchy. By travelling with Offbeat Tracks, where 75% of the employees are women, you're helping us change that!



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Let us help you plan your Experiential Vacation

Why you should talk to our Travel Expert?


  Credible and Knowledgable

With intensive research and years of experience, we understand the hows and where of our destinations inside and out!


Customised Itineraries

Our Trip Expert will curate a tailor-made itinerary best suited to your travel needs and dreams.



Ditch the ordinary, and experience the offbeat is our mantra. Our trip expert will help you plan truly immersive and experiential vacations for you and your loved ones.


Community Driven

Our Travel Expert will introduce you to our network of community-driven initiatives, women entrepreneurs and local vendors. You get to give back to the community without compromising on the comfort of your vacation.


Experiences in Manali
Experiences in Manali
Javed Sindhi

Wonderful journey to Manali and Sissu. The incredible expertise of the team, known for their meticulous planning and attention to detail, truly shines. Devansh and Vandana expertly managed every aspect, ensuring each day featured a distinctive and memorable experience in travel and cuisine. Eagerly anticipating the next adventure with them.

Akanksha Yadav

Offbeat tracks is a perfect answer if you are looking for a trip curated as per your interest, personality and budget. Vandana and team are spot on with their travel planning and picking locations that bring out the essence of each location you travel to. Bringing the authentic local communities closer to you via food and culture, my partner and I have found our trusted, meticulous travel planning companion with offbeat tracks.Cheers to experiencing all that this planet has to offer, one offbeat track at a time!

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-29 at 10.07.27 PM (1)
WhatsApp Image 2022-05-29 at 10.07.27 PM (1)
Ritika Biswas

They are wonderful trip curators. Will surprise you with exciting places to stay in rather than run of the mill type hotels . Very dependable trust worthy and they understand ur requirements before customising your trip ! I am a regular with them !!

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