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Discover the 'Soul of India'

Odisha beckons travellers with a captivating blend of spirituality, history, and nature. The state, adorned with UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Jagannath Temple in Puri and the Sun Temple in Konark, showcases its rich cultural and architectural legacy. Pristine beaches like Puri and Gopalpur offer serene retreats and water activities, while the intricate art of Patachitra has gained global acclaim for its storytelling prowess. Odisha’s diverse landscapes also include the picturesque Chilika Lake, a haven for migratory birds, and Nandankanan Zoo, housing rare species like the White Tiger and black Rhinoceros.

Explore our detailed itinerary for an unforgettable journey through the ‘Soul of India.’

Day 1- Arrival and Transfer to Puri

Upon landing at Bhubaneshwar Airport, you'll embark on a journey to Puri. En route, you'll have the opportunity to explore several significant sites, including the historic Dhauli, the ancient Lingaraj Temple, the sacred Ananta Vasudeva Temple, and the unique Chausath Yogini Temple.

After a day of sightseeing, you'll check into your accommodation in Puri, where you will spend the night.

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Day 2- Discover the best of Puri

Begin your day with visits to the iconic Sri Jagannath Temple, the Gundicha Mausima Temple, and the Bedi Hanuman Temple. Next, explore Raghurajpur Village, a heritage crafts village famous for its skilled Pattachitra painters and Gotipua dance troupes. In the evening, unwind and relax at Puri Beach. Conclude your day with an overnight stay in Puri.

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Day 3- A trip to Konark

Embark on a drive to Konark via the scenic Marine Drive, stopping to explore Chandrabhaga Beach and the Ramchandi Temple. Visit the renowned Sun Temple, also known as the Black Pagoda, a 12th-century masterpiece adorned with intricate stone carvings. In the evening, enjoy the captivating ‘Light and Sound’ show before concluding your day with an overnight stay in Konark.

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Day 4- Explore Barkul and Transfer to Gopalpur

Head towards Barkul, located at Chilika, Asia’s largest saltwater lake. Explore the serene surroundings and visit the Kalijai Temple situated in the middle of the lake. Later, proceed to Gopalpur and check into your accommodation for an overnight stay.

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Day 5- Road trip to Chandagiri and Taptapani

Head towards Chandragiri, an unexplored Tibetan settlement in Odisha, and continue your journey to Taptapani to indulge in a refreshing bath at the hot water springs. Return to Gopalpur, where you can spend the rest of the day relaxing at the beach. Conclude your day with an overnight stay in Gopalpur.

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Day 6- Transfer to Bhubaneshwar

Head back to Bhubaneshwar from Gopalpur via road and enjoy an overnight stay in Bhubaneshwar.

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Day 7- Experience the best of Bhubaneshwar

Visit the Nandankanan Zoo, renowned for its diverse wildlife sanctuary, and enjoy the White Tiger and Lion safari. Afterwards, take a tour of the Tribal Museum. Conclude your day with an overnight stay in Bhubaneshwar.

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Day 8 - Road trip to Barnal

Head to the village of Budhapanka in Barnal district to visit the Lingeshwara Temple and spend some time exploring the village. Afterwards, return to Bhubaneshwar for your overnight stay.

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Day 9 - Departure

Visit the Rajarani Temple, Mukteshwar Temple, Parshurameshwaram Temple, and the Khandagiri & Udaygiri Jain Caves. Afterwards, transfer to Bhubaneshwar Airport and fly back home with everlasting memories of Odisha.