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9 Misconceptions about Unique Travels

The whole definition of traveling has started to change in the present times. People have grown weary of the regular way of seeing new places and wish to experience something which is different. This has given rise to unique travel packages which are an entirely new way of exploring a place. You know you are heading for a real adventure when you go seeking something which is very removed from the ordinary.

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Though, unique or experiential traveling has a lot of misconceptions that surround it. Anything which differs from the traditional way of doing things generates curiosity as well as apprehensions. Unique travels are one of the most interesting ways to see the country and through this blog, we aim to remove all the misconceptions around it.


Common Misconceptions Around Unique Travels

  • Couch surfing can be dangerous

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One main feature of unique travel is that it not only focuses on unusual holiday destinations but also aims at giving you a wholesome experience. You certainly can’t enjoy that in a posh hotel and can only do that by staying with the locals. Now, couch surfing or even homestay has a lot of unwarranted concerns around it. Many folks are scared to trust absolute strangers and live comfortably in an alien city with people they have just met. Now, the fear is understandable but there are registered volunteers who are kind and trustworthy folks. The same goes for those who run home stays as many foreigners live there comfortably.


  • This type of traveling is for single and carefree people

This is a very cynical thought to have as exploring unusual holiday destinations is for everyone. You can enjoy adventure and excitement at any age and there is no specific stage to pursue something like this. Rather taking your spouse for such an adventure will deepen your relationship and add more fun to it. It is even more awesome to have someone with you to share such an amazing journey. Bringing kids on such a journey allows them to see the world better. Instead of notebook education, they instead see everything play out in front of their eyes.


  • Exploring the unknown can be dangerous

If you set aside your fear and actually let curiosity take over, you would realize that exploring the unknown is the most amazing feeling in the world. It allows you to explore something you never knew existed. Caution is of course warranted in anything new you try out but you do have volunteered guides to help you every step of the way. Unique travels help you to discover a hidden gem that is seldom experienced by tourists and that’s what makes it a spectacular experience.


  • Local food can make you sick

This misconception has a lot of conditions around it. It’s not just the local food of a new region, but rather a food of your own native place can make you sick if it is cooked un-hygienically. When traveling to a new place, be careful about the joints where you try the food. Also, if eating with the locals, you can be rest assured that the food has been cooked with care. Try out a few samples of anything new and take the advice of the local guide on what is easily palatable.

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  • It’s extremely expensive

Not only is this a false notion but rather unique travel packages are comparatively more affordable. When you travel in the traditional manner, you end up spending way too much on expensive hotels, restaurants and other things. The bills keep piling up and in the end, you end up spending a lot more than you anticipated. Whereas, unique travels help you to cut cost by giving you a comfortable and affordable place to stay, local delicacies and helps you budget almost all your travel needs.


  • It affects work/college

A lot of people shun visiting unusual holiday destinations or going for unique travels because they fear that taking a long unplanned vacation would reflect badly on their resume. This is completely untrue as traveling this way brings an experience that helps you grown in all fields. It enhances your skills to be able to take risks, be a fearless leader and also communicate with people from different walks of life. The only effect that such an adventure would have on your career is a beautiful one as it will help you understand life better.


  • It’s overrated

This sort of a travel experience is perhaps the most authentic journey that you could ever take. It is so talked about because it is an extremely wonderful experience. Those who sign up for such unique travel packages enjoy moments that bring them closer to a larger community. Since there are so many talks about this way of traveling, it is often labeled as overrated. Though, in reality, it lives up to all the hype that surrounds it and is something everyone must undertake at least once.  


  • Unique travels in not for women

Women safety is an important issue and can never be sidelined but to say that unique travels is not a for a woman is a big lie. There are many females who have backpacked to many countries and have had an amazing time. Some important measures though have to be taken, like knowing the ground reality of the place and having a registered guide.

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  • You can get swindled

Honestly, the risk of getting swindled is there in any form of travel. As a foreigner, if you visit a local market, they will charge you a peak price. This issue too can be dealt with easily if you have an authentic guide. Moreover, the other locals apart from tradesmen are generally far more kind and willing to help foreigners out. The people you choose to stay with can also help you with this issue.


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