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Top 10 Reasons To Opt For Bhutan Group Tour

If you and your friends have been itching to stretch your wings out and take that long awaited vacation, Bhutan is the place for you. The last Himalayan kingdom is shrouded in mystery and magic. It is the most eco-friendly place in the world with about 72 percent forest cover, helping it become the only carbon negative country.

A place where old magic meets modernization, Bhutan has only retained and carried beauty and harmony. For all those who are stressed with working non-stop in big cities, Bhutan group tours hold the key to your revival!

Traveling to Bhutan on a group budget is a great thing as you can easily avail airway discounts, hotel packages, pool in for a vehicle to show you around, etc. All you have to do is look for Bhutan holiday packages online. We are here with 10 awesome reasons why you should take a Bhutan group tour as soon as possible; read on to know more!

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Bhutan is known for its lush green forests, the flora and fauna and of course its rivers or Chhus. The country is vibrant and laidback with very welcoming and warm people. A group tour to Bhutan will give you an immersive experience of Bhutanese culture and the wonderful lifestyle they have. There is nothing better than exploring a new country with your best friends, making memories to last a lifetime.




The weather in Bhutan is perfect. For all those city dwellers who are surrounded by noise and chaos constantly, a trip to Bhutan will be a blessing. The air feels so clean and fresh, life in Bhutan moves at a leisurely pace and there’s absolutely no hurry for you to rush around. You and your group of friends deserve some rest time after chasing and beating career deadlines for months!



Buddhism is followed by about 300 million people globally. More than two-third of Bhutan follows Vajrayana Buddhism. Bhutan is dotted with well-known monasteries that attract visitors from all over the world. Meditating can heal a lot of health problems and has a multitude of health benefits. There are several group meditation trips to Bhutan where you get the opportunity to understand Buddhism better and meditate at several monasteries.



We all have friends who are gastro-fanatics. What’s better than bonding together and embarking on a food fest? Bhutan has so many different flavours and dishes to offer, you will be left reeling with sensory overload! There are several local and well-known restaurants in all the cities of Bhutan, especially Thimphu. Be sure to try the ema datshi, the national dish of Bhutan. It is a very spicy dish prepared using cheese and chilies and tastes absolutely divine.



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Bhutan is a vibrant country that has several festivals throughout the year. Thimphu Tshechu is held in September and is said to be the biggest festival of Bhutan. There are other festivals such as Paro Tshechu held during the month of March, Jambay Lhakhang Drup in October, Punakha Drubchen in February and Haa Summer Festival in July.



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All the adrenaline junkies lusting after adventure sports, this is the perfect opportunity for you to take! Grab a group of buddies and head to Bhutan. Here you can indulge in fun sports such as mountain biking, kayaking, river rafting, bungee jumping, and so much more. Paro chhu is very famous for water sports. You can also go fishing a variety of trouts in the river waters if you are a fishing enthusiast. There are several Bhutan adventure sports packages than you can purchase at group discounts online.



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Bhutan is covered with gorgeous emerald forests and mountains, most of which have trekking and hiking routes. There are several overnight and multi-day trekking programmes available for people who appreciate heights and love a bird’s-eye view. Of them all, the Tiger’s Nest Monastery trek is very famous. This monastery is located 3120 meters above the sea level and the best Bhutan trekking locale that showcases traditional Bhutanese architecture. It is one of the most visited places in Bhutan.



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Bhutan is home to several national parks and wildlife reserves. They harbour unique animals that most people would only see in pictures or enclosures. The country harbours rare bird species in Phobjikha Valley, Bomdeling, Trongsa, Bumthang, Tingtibi, Punakha and Thimphu. If you are lucky, you may come across some endemic and endangered species such as Cuckoos, Swifts, Bee-eaters, Warblers, Flycatchers, Imperial Heron and Black-Necked Crane as well as Nuthatch and Blyth’s Kingfisher.



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Bhutanese tradition reflects its Buddhist heritage, be it their dresses Kho for men and Kira for women. Their cultural activities involve masked dances, dance dramas and lots of music. Its national sport is archery, which is very unique to find. Also, their societies are not patriarchal, which is a very welcoming tradition. The families here generally pass their inheritance through the females rather than the males, which unlike other cultures.



Bhutan boasts to have one of the most unique arts and crafts in the world, known as Zorig Chusum, “The Thirteen Traditional Crafts”. Woodwork, stonework, carving, painting, sculpting, wood turning, blacksmithy, ornament making, bamboo work, paper making, tailoring and weaving are ingrained in Bhutan’s blood. Art collectors are sure to go crazy. You can also join a workshop and have fun as a group learning the art of sculpting or painting.


We hope that these reasons to take a Bhutan group tour are compelling enough for you to plan your next holiday trip to Bhutan. Here’s wishing you memories for life and have an adventure of a lifetime! To find more information about Bhutan and many more places to explore in India and worldwide, get in touch with us at Offbeat Tracks.

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